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Super Mario Bowser XL Heat Change Mug
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Fill this large 550ml (18.5floz) ceramic mug with your favourite hot beverage and be amazed as the outside changes to reveal incredible fire breathing graphics of Bowser, the villain from Super Mario Bros. A great way to profess your love of the Nintendo Super Mario Bros video game, it also makes a great gift and is guaranteed to raise a smile for any fan of Nintendo, Super Mario or someone who loves gaming. As a practical, everyday item, this mug will be a firm favourite used again and again at home or take it to work and demonstrate the incredible heat reveal graphics to your colleagues. With many companies banning the use of plastic bottles and cups, there has never been a better time to take your own mug to work. Supplied as a 550ml (18.5floz) mug with heat change decal in a printed box.

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