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Keramik Espresso Tasse - Tasse mit Winter Zweig
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Handmade ceramic cup for tea, espresso, wine or other drinks. This beautiful porcelain cup is decorated with delicate graphic design of twig. This modern shape small coffee cup can be a remarkable accent in your interior. Perfect shape that is pleasant to use. The capacity is 130ml4.5fl oz. The cup is dishwasher safe . You may also like other variations of this cup decorated with gold and platinum graphics. Please check other section of our store. Please note that this is handmade product and there can be small differences between presented photo and the item that you will receive, however it doesn not effect the quality of the product. If you would like to be updated with the latest offer or see work process, visit my Facebook page www.facebook.comKinaCeramicDesign and Instagram kinaceramicdesign.

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